1. Go to an igloo party
   2. Tour the Bliss Room in Hubbard
   3. Streak the Quad
   4. End the night at Brunswick  Diner
   5. Find your way into Bowdoin’s network of underground tunnels
   6. Visit the glow-in-the-dark rock room in Druckenmiller Hall
   7. Go to Frosty’s when it opens at 4 a.m.
   8. Pull an all-nighter in the Chamberlain Room
   9. Eat at all of Brunswick’s Asian restaurants (10 and counting)
  10. “Win” dinner at Thorne—be the last to leave
  11. Hang out with Security at a College House party
  12. Throw a College House party
  13. Attend office hours with President Mills
  14. Tuesdays at Joshua’s
  15. Charter a club
  16. Get drunk off coffee brandy
  17. Do an independent study
  18. Be mentioned in the Security Report
  19. Find the red spoon in all the art in the Gelato Fiasco
  20. Climb Mt. Katahdin
  21. Be retweeted by @bowdoincollege
  22. Write your name on the chapel bathroom door
  23. Go squirrel fishing or ice fishing
  24. Visit Professor Morgan’s office
  25. Go to a concert in Portland
  26. Win an intramural championship
  27. Skip a class
  28. Write a Letter to the Editor
  29. Spend a night at Colby or Bates
  30. Attend a naked party
  31. Take a class on the 16th floor of Coles Tower
  32. Find the Brunswick commons, then explore
  33. Dance floor make-out
  34. “Hit the cycle”—hook up with someone from every class year you overlap with (ex: ‘11-’17)
  35. Get drinks with a professor
  36. Go to four Brunswick bars in one night
  37. Go to Crack House (even if you pledged you never would)
  38. Get a lobster roll from Libby’s Market
  39. Get your recipe used at Thorne or Moulton
  40. Go polar-bearing
  41. Pee on every social house
  42. Befriend a Brunswick resident
  43. Do something inappropriate at the Inappropriate Party
  44. Get invited (and go) to a professor’s house for dinner
  45. Have an ice-skating date on the quad
  46. Swim in the bioluminescence at the Coastal Studies Center
  47. Become real friends with someone you meet at Ivies
  48. Attend a Bowdoin Film Society screening
  49. Go on an Outing Club trip
  50. Be (mis)quoted in the Orient

Adapted from a list created by Bowdoin Student Government  and the Office of Residential Life.