To the Editors,

Until Bowdoin’s endowment is entirely free of companies that profit from fossil fuels, the College should stop referring to itself as a “leader” in confronting climate change. President Mills should stop flaunting the College’s environmental bona fides when he gives speeches, because when it comes to this issue, Bowdoin is really more of a follower.

Make no mistake: I am proud of the fact that only 1.4 percent of the College’s endowment is still invested in fossil fuels. And I am proud of the financial aid, faculty salaries and campus facilities that Bowdoin can provide as a result of trucking with companies more interested in today’s profits than tomorrow’s common good. It’s the hypocrisy that I find unbecoming in my alma mater.

President Mills should not boast of Bowdoin’s “helping to lead the way” in the fight to confront climate change when there are many other institutions doing much more than we are. The College’s vague Environmental Mission Statement provides plenty of wiggle room with its call for more “study and deliberation” and its desire that all solutions also “advance economic development.”

Those are simply not the bold words of a leader. It’s time for Bowdoin to put its mouth where its money is—or put its money somewhere else.

Taylor Mali ’87