To the Editors,

This week I have requested that the Alumni Office remove my name from the Bowdoin Magazine mailing list. I also want to strongly suggest that the president of this once great academic institution, Barry Mills, should immediately submit his letter of resignation to the Board of Trustees. The NAS report simply confirms what I have heard time and time again over the decades since my graduation—that Bowdoin has become just like any other anti-intellectual and intolerant academic institution in America—and that it has exchanged its distinguished record of pursuing knowledge and truth for “uniformity and partisanship.”  Having taught at a small college myself, I am fully aware of the intolerance and bigotry shown toward people of a conservative cultural viewpoint—people who are frequently silenced, denied tenure or simply outright fired because they do not espouse the shallow truths of today's liberal heresy—a heresy which Mills so valiantly defends every time he opens his mouth.

Peter Wilson ’70