Reed House in process of building very own ice-skating rink

Taking advantage of the cold weather and abundant lawn space, members of Reed House began constructing an ice skating rink in the house’s backyard last weekend.

After Facilities cleared a snowy area roughly the same size as the Quad’s rink over Winter Break, residents have filled the space with water using only a garden hose. While this week’s snowfall and warm temperatures have prevented progress for now, Reed members expect the rink to be skateable sometime next week.

“I like the challenge of working on a project we have no clue how to go about,” Peter Nauffts ’15 said.

Sophomores Clevens, Villari wed in fake ceremony at Baxter 

Bernard Clevens ’15 of Cocoa Beach, Fla. and Christa Villari ’15 of Wayland, Mass., both 20, married under a Walmart-bought arbor in the lobby of Baxter House on Sunday evening. Many well-wishers looked on, including a full wedding party of House residents. Students living in Baxter celebrate the mock ceremony annually. The roles are chosen by House members. 

Cataloguing strange “how-to” works held in Bowdoin library 

As reported by the blog, in the 1970’s, Bowdoin librarians began compiling a list of strange “how-to” titles held in the College’s catalog. Librarian Eric Luft even wrote a 2008 book on the topic entitled “The Inscribed List: Or Why Librarians Are Crazy.” Here is a selection:

  • How to Abandon Ship (1942)
  • How to Label a Goat (2006)
  • How to Avoid Intercourse With Your Unfriendly Car Mechanic (1977)
  • How to Become Extinct (1941)
  • How to Break Out of Prison (2003)
  • How to Bribe a Judge (2002)
  • How to Buy an Elephant (1977)
  • How to Wreck a Building (1982)
  • How to Dig a Hole to the Other Side of the World (1979)
  • How to Embalm Your Mother-in-Law (1993)