To the Editor:

Mr. Schendler, in his article “Bowdoin is falling dangerously behind on climate change,” chose to assert that Bowdoin faculty are not only not doing enough, but that they are doing nothing. 

While all people and institutions can certainly do more to address the pressing issue of man induced climate change, Bowdoin faculty are certainly not doing nothing. 

I trust that his opinion is simply a lack of exploration of the course content, of the active faculty, and of student participation in the climate issue. 

It is likely that his sentiment is based on the availability of online sound bites that are so common and ring so hollow. 

If you look closely at Mr. Schendler’s affiliation, you will notice that he is an employee of the Aspen Ski corporation, an establishment that itself promotes unnecessary carbon-emission through air travel, snow making, lift service, slope grooming, and many other enjoyable, yet frivolous and privileged, carbon-producing events. 

Let us use this unwarranted attack on our faculty—many of whom have a long-vested interest in the climate issue—to reflect on what we each can do ensure our future and to engage with the faculty and students who are already active. 

I also remind Mr. Schendler that his statement that nobody will be able to go to Bowdoin with the advent of temperature rise, is likely not correct, but it is sure that we won’t be skiing at Aspen.

Bruce Kohorn
​Linnean Professor of Biology & Biochemistry