To the Editor: 

Although Eric Edelman intends to challenge the Bowdoin community’s attitude towards sexuality (“Do Not Put Me in a Box, Bowdoin: Leaving Sexuality Undefined”), his writing only confirms an attitude among many students, perhaps even the school administration, which does not give our intellectual and ethical compasses their proper roles. 

The answer for Bowdoin is not to “do as we please, for the sole reason that we think it might make our lives more enjoyable...The only thing that’s important is that you do you. Do whatever you want to do with whomever you want to do it with” but thoughtful reflection by individuals and groups on the meaning of sexuality. 

This critical feature of the human condition, explored for centuries by poet and philosopher alike, should not be left to the moral laziness of “do you” relativism, but guided by our deepest principles. 

Although Bowdoin can never become a monastery, students have the responsibility to seek truth in the most intimate, meaningful pieces of themselves: love and relationships. 

Until then, we will struggle with the consequences the Bowdoin Orient so courageously described previously (“‘Everyone’s doing it’: Defining campus hookup culture”).

David Jimenez ’16