After inclement weather nearly forced the College to move Ivies indoors last year, the Office of Student Activities and the Entertainment Board (E-Board) redrafted their Ivies rain plan in order to ensure that they are fully prepared for this year’s concert.

Like in past years, the plan, which was finalized earlier this fall, dictates that Ivies will be held inside Farley Field House in the event of rain on the day of the annual Saturday concert. Because of space limitations, guests and alcohol would not be allowed inside, which is a new policy.

“We’re trying to make sure that we have a much more detailed step-by-step guide of what to do in case it does need to be called for rain this year,” said Michael Hannaman ’13, president of the E-Board.
In addition, the plan would push back the start time from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. Assistant Director of Student Activities Nathan Hinzte said that this would allow more time for the day’s athletic events to conclude before the concert began.

“It was a facilities crunch, and we hope that by moving it back an hour we will be able to open up Farley not only for Ivies, but also for all the athletes that will be using it that day,” said Hintze.

Both Hinzte and Hannaman understand that most students do not like the idea of an indoor Ivies concert, but said they hope the new plan would make the best of an unwanted situation.
“We obviously don’t want it to be inside. It’s not fun for the administration, and it’s not fun for students,” said Hannaman. “But the show goes on either way, and that’s what it will have to be if it rains.”

Hintze echoed this sentiment. 

“We keep trying to tweak Ivies to make sure it’s as safe and fun for students as possible,” he said.
Hannaman said that the E-Board is working on finalizing who this year’s musical guests at Ivies will be, and hopes to have booked acts by February.