The Board of Trustees convenes this weekend with four new members to discuss renovating the former Longfellow Elementary School and changes to upgrade the College’s data network.

In May, the College announced the election of Donald A. Goldsmith ’65, Mary Hogan Preusse ’90, David A. Morales ’97 and David Roux P’14 to the board.

Mr. Goldsmith is a partner at Holland & Knight LLP, an international law firm based in New York City. He also advised the College’s Office of Gift Planning and served as Reunion Gift Committee chair. 

Ms. Preusse acts as managing director and co-head of Americas Real Estate, part of APG Asset Management US. While a student at the College, she majored in mathematics and was a member of Alpha Beta Phi, the College’s only sorority. 

Preusse has served as Alumni Fund director, in addition to working with the Bowdoin Alumni Schools Interview Committee, the Bowdoin Career Advisory Network, and Reunion Gift Committee chair. 

Mr. Morales is the vice president of Public Policy & Strategic Planning for Boston’s Steward Heath Care.   A sociology major, he played football and was a member of Alpha Kappa Sigma while at the College.

Before serving on the Board, Mr. Morales was a member of the Alumni Council and an advisor with Bowdoin Career Advisory Network. 

Mr. Roux cofounded Silver Lake, a global technology investment firm. Though Mr. Roux is a graduate of Harvard University, he has many familial ties to Bowdoin. His daughter, Margot, is a member of the Class of 2014.

The trustees choose new members based on recommendations to the Committee of Trustees from current or emeriti trustees, classmates, College staff, the President of the College and other Bowdoin alumni. 

“We look for people who have the highest standards of personal integrity, objectivity and a desire to actively serve the College in this capacity.  We want to make sure that the full board is representative of Bowdoin’s various constituencies,” wrote David Wheeler ’74, chair of the committee and Vice-Chair of the Board, in an email to the Orient.

All but one of these new additions are alumni of the College. Of the 45 trustees on the Board, only three members are not alumni. Parents of former and current Bowdoin students are also commonly considered candidates for the Board.  

Wheeler lists “academia, finance, the arts, philanthropy, medicine and technology” as appropriate fields of professional expertise for candidates seeking a seat on the Board.

The Board of Trustees oversees many of the College’s policies including approving professor tenure, reviewing financial aid policy and closely monitoring the College’s endowment.

Trustees hold five year terms to the Board, and are required to attend meetings three times each academic year. Typically these meetings are held in October, February and May.