A questionable weather forecast for the weekend may change the location of the Saturday Ivies Concert.

In an email to the student body, Director of Safety and Security Randy Nichols stated that inclement weather would relocate the concert to Farley Field House.

According to Ruiqi Li '13, E-Board co-chair, the decision to move the concert inside will not depend on the weekend's weather alone, as last night's rain will be a factor too.

"Unfortunately, the rain call will not only be contingent on whether it will rain on Friday and Saturday, but also on whether the field is soggy from rain on Thursday," Li wrote in an email to the Orient.

According to Li, the final decision will be made today by Nate Hintze, associate director of student activities.

"Setup for the show begins on Friday, a process that involves all of student activities, Moonlighting Production Company, and the Entertainment Board," Li wrote.

According to Li, an indoor Ivies would mean a number of production changes.

"If the concert moves inside, production becomes a very different process in which the stage will be much smaller and will not have to travel up from Boston," she said.

Li wrote that the advantage to an indoor concert would be "Milkman's lightshow," an extravagant laser production by mashup artist Milkman, one of the three performers.

The last time it rained on the Saturday of Ivies was five years ago. The rain location in previous years has been Morrell Gym.

This year's merchandise is going to change. The junior class will not sell water bottles for this year's Ivies, according to Class of 2013 president Sarah Levin. She cited a number of factors that influenced the Class Council's decision.

"I think the junior class really wanted to do a gift that was specifically for the junior class," she said.

Typically, the entire junior class receives free Ivies-customized water bottles for a class gift, and charges other classes for them.

"We wanted to do something that was a little more special," Levin said.

The junior Class Council has instead opted to order sweatpants for its class.

Eco-friendly concerns also swayed the council's decision. "It's pretty unsustainable to order 1,000 water bottles, 800 of which end up...at the end of the concert all over the field," Levin said. "A lot of plastic goes to waste."

The council also took logistics into account. Levin cited the minor mishap caused by the 2010 Ivies bottles sold by the Class of 2011, which featured misprinted volume measurements. That year, a line on the bottle denoting four shots of alcohol actually measured six shots.

"We didn't want to have to deal with that aspect of it either," said Levin.

Professor of Art Mark Wethli has created a design for this year's Ivies posters and apparel.

"This is the first design I've done for Ivies," Wethli wrote in an emial to the Orient.

Wethli wrote that he was approached by Nick Riker '12, a member of the E-Board, to do a T-shirt design, one of three selected by the E-Board.

"I was delighted to say yes," Wethli wrote.

The design features the heads of this year's three performers worked into the branches of a tree, with "Ivies" spelled out in the roots.

"The first challenge was representing three such different acts in a single design," he wrote. "Somehow the image of a tree and its roots popped into my head."

Wethli said that he worked on the design while on a trip in Paris.

"The great thing was that the trees in Paris are pruned exactly like the tree in my drawing—a pruning technique called 'pollarding'—so there was plenty of inspiration everywhere I went," he wrote. "I actually modeled a few of the limbs in the Ivies design on trees I saw in the Tuileries in Paris."

Wethli wrote that the design and type was all done in Photoshop, after adapting Internet photos of the three acts and placing them into the tree limbs.

"At a later point I decided to add the names of the performers as well, mainly to round out the top of the tree, but also to create more visual balance and complexity, with 'Ivies' at the bottom balanced with the names of the bands at the top," Wethli wrote.

Though the design missed the E-Board's deadline to make it onto most of the shirts, it appears on the official posters and some "limited edition" apparel.