To the Editors:

I write in support of Angus King, Bowdoin professor, former Maine governor, and candidate for the United States Senate. Governor King needs and deserves our help to start his campaign in a position of strength that will see him to victory in November.

Those of us at Bowdoin who know Governor King (and there are many of us) stand behind his candidacy because we recognize the Governor as a man of principle. Governor King's class sessions express his conviction that young people will emerge from college better prepared to face our modern world should they appreciate, as he does, the lessons of recent and not-so-recent history.

When he announced his candidacy, Governor King set himself several tasks that demonstrate his commitment to the politics of common sense. He will challenge the acrimonious atmosphere in Washington, work across party lines, and fight effectively to keep Mainers and other Americans prosperous, safe, and equipped for future success. As an Independent candidate, Governor King will not be beholden to any group except the citizens of Maine, uniquely positioning him to help solve our nation's most pressing problems.

The Bowdoin community can take action to support Governor King's candidacy right away. Find me to sign Angus' candidacy petition, volunteer at his office at 135 Maine Street, and share your excitement with friends and relatives. Help bring civility and sound judgment back to the U.S. Senate.


Alex Porter '12