Rapper Spose will perform tonight at the Pub as the debut act in the WBOR Spring Concert Series.

Spose, who came to national renown when his single "I'm Awesome" reached the Billboard's Top 40 in January 2010, has released two full-length albums and is set to release a third, "The Audacity!," on April 17.

The artist recently left Universal Republic Records and plans to release his new album under independent label PDank Entertainment.

The Wells, Maine native is also set to release "The Peter Sparker Mixtape" sometime later this year.

"He did a local ad during the Super Bowl that exemplified his sound as a kind of a Maine Mac Miller, kind of frat rappy," said WBOR Concert Manager Dave Raskin '13. "Spose is humorous; he does not take himself too seriously. I think he will have a lot of stage presence and a lot of flow."

"In the past, hip-hop concerts have always been popular and well-received with Bowdoin students," said WBOR Station Manager Will Pugh '12. "Since Spose is a local artist and from Maine, we thought that he would be a good fit. We figured that bringing somebody who has already had a Top 40 hit and a fairly well-selling album and has shown some promising talent would be fun."

Pugh stated that the Spring Concert Series plans to host two or three other acts on campus this semester.

Since the series is starting off with a hip-hop performance tonight, Pugh said WBOR is hoping to bring a folk rock set and an electronic show for the next two legs of the series.

Spose will be performing along with DJ Jay Tulchin '13 tonight at 10 p.m. in Jack MaGee's Pub.

-Compiled by Amalie MacGowan.