Bowdoin Student Government (BSG) touched upon a number of issues this week, ranging from the assembly's stance on the Northwestern University Associated Student Government's statement against police force during college protests to Bowdoin's credit/D/fail and add-drop systems.

The assembly collectively decided to postpone final deliberations regarding the endorsement of the college protests statement until next Wednesday, when the assembly will reconvene.

The unanimous decision was made on the grounds that there were not enough representatives in attendance to reach a final verdict, and that there should be more student feedback collected before voting occurs.

Derek Brooks '12, BSG president, declared that the assembly should come to a decision as quickly as possible, as 10 other colleges and universities have already added their signatures to Northwestern's statement. Tim Foster, dean of student affairs, will speak to BSG the week after spring break on the topics of alcohol and chem-free housing on campus.

The group will exchange views, following this week's release of the report on chem-free housing and will discuss the new NESCAC-wide alcohol survey that will be sent out to the student body next Sunday.

Furthermore, according to Brooks, BSG will focus its attention on discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the College's add-drop and credit/D/fail system, a recurring and contentious issue.

"I am of the belief that we should probably be able to drop a class at least until the end of credit/D/fail," said Brooks. "You should have a right to drop a class if you want to be able to graduate on time, without having to go through the administrative process of the recording committee."