The Nordic ski team is finally entering the peak of its season, a period which has historically yielded the best times.

Head Coach Nathan Alsobrook said that he has geared up the training regimen in the hope of improving the team's performance at the Eastern Intercollegiate Skiing Association Championship at Middlebury next weekend.

At the Dartmouth Carnival last weekend, Bowdoin finished 11th out of 12 teams. Spencer Eusden '12 continued at his usual pace, finishing 19th in the men's 20K classic (1:00:44.1). He finished 33rd in the men's 10K freestyle (28:15.0), right on the tail of Kevin Hoose '15 (28:13.5), who finished in 32nd.

According to Alsobrook, if Eusden "races perfectly" at the Williams Carnival this weekend, he "might have a chance of being a dark horse candidate to earn a spot at nationals." This would be a major accomplishment, as Bowdoin has not had a member of its team qualify since 1997.

Jackson Bloch '15 had a "breakout race this weekend," said Maren Askins '12. He was the third-fastest finisher for the men.

Kaitlynn Miller '14 placed 27th in the 15K classic (51:58.8) and 32nd in the 5K freestyle (15:39.7), leading the way for the women.

"We have had many stumbling blocks this season," said Alsobrook, referring to numerous injuries and colds that have plagued the Polar Bears.

"Although the season was not as good as it could have been, we have had great results with up-and-coming freshmen," Alsobrook added, in reference to Bloch and Hoose's successes.

-Compiled by Rachel Gladstone.