The women's indoor track team is undefeated thus far, thanks in large part to captain Elsa Millett '12, a perennial star in the mid-distance sprints.

Millett is a key contributor and has won two events in each of her meets, including the 600 meters, 4x400 meter relay, 200 meters, and 400-meter dash.

Her most remarkable double victory came last weekend in the Maine State Meet, where she was the victor in both the 200 and the 400 for the fourth consecutive year.

Millett's domination of the NESCAC this year, though admittedly no surprise given her past performances, is a product of her hard work, experience, and determination to achieve her goals.

"Everyone's pretty good about the big things in training, but Elsa's exceptional for the way she pays attention to the details of her training and racing," said Head Coach Peter Slovenski.

Last year, Millett qualified for nationals in the 200 and the 400 in both indoor and outdoor track. While aspiring to repeat this feat again, she has her sights set on improvement: "After going last year, I will feel more confident at the [national] meet; it was scary the first time."

Though she has set goals for as far ahead as this spring's national championship, Millett's initial focus is on preparing for the upcoming Valentine's Day Invitational at Boston University. Millett said she looks forward to this meet for the "fast times, fast track, and fast heats that will make for a good level of competition to prepare for D-III New Englands."

Millett's running career began in sixth grade, when she ran the 100-meter dash.

It wasn't until high school that Millett picked up her strongest race, the 400, though she admits that she sometimes wishes she could still run the shorter 100.

Despite the switch in running events, Millett never transitioned her running prowess to any other competitive sports.

"I never considered doing soccer or anything else; I was too scared to try something that I didn't have the sense I was good at," she said.

Though she initially ran because she was good at it, Millett said as a senior her attitude has shifted. In her final year of collegiate running, Millett noted that success, though still a key goal, is no longer the motivation.

"I feel like the pressure is on to do the best I've ever done, but actually I'm my most relaxed," she said. "I'm doing it for the love of the sport; success is just a nice byproduct."

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