The Nordic ski team maintained its mediocre pace last weekend at the University of New Hampshire Carnival, coming in ninth out of 13 teams.

Kaitlynn Miller '14 came in ninth overall in the sprint race on Friday, finishing with one of the best times (4:22.47) in the team's history, according to Coach Nathan Alsobrook. It was the best finish for a female skier since 2001. On Saturday, Miller came in 39th place in the 15K freestyle (46:23.7).

Continuing his success from the Bates Carnival, captain Spencer Eusden '12 came in 24th-place in both the sprint race on Friday (3:44.55) and in the 20K freestyle on Saturday (51:27.5).

In an email to the Orient, Alsobrook wrote that Jackson Bloch '15 has "made tremendous strides these last few weeks." Bloch finished as Bowdoin's third skier in Saturday's race.

On Friday, there was a mixture of snow, sleet and freezing rain, which Alsobrook wrote "presented uncomfortable conditions to race in." This made it difficult to find the best way to make the skis run well, he explained.

Saturday's weather conditions also presented some difficulties for the skiers in the skate race.

Miller explained that the corners of the course were scraped down to ice quickly because of the minimal snow cover. According to Miller, strategies to combat this obstacle included slowing down just before the turns or skidding along the course of the turns.

The Polar Bears will compete at the University of Vermont Carnival tomorrow and Sunday, as opposed to the usual Friday and Saturday competitions, allowing an extra day for preparation.

-Compiled by Rachel Gladstone.