With the NESCAC championship just two weeks away, the women's swimming team put up a fight against Trinity and Wesleyan last weekend. Teri Faller '15 won the 100 backstroke and the 200 backstroke, while Patty Boyer '15 won the 50 freestyle. The team finished second in the women's 400 medley relay.

"We know we need to get a lot better to achieve our goals," said Head Coach Brad Burnham. "The women had a tough meet last weekend, but I think we are better off for it."

Some of the team's keys to successes this year have been its determination and a strong first year class.

"This last meet was a good test of endurance and perseverance," said captain Allen Garner '12. "We trained through the meet so we were all feeling of burden and intense training and fatigue. The first years really stepped up, and have been a huge contributing force all year."

According to captain Tamara Perreault '12, one of the turning points for the team was a hard-fought victory against Bates over winter break.

"Bates is a really strong team this year, so it was a very exciting victory," she said.

Perreault said she is optimistic about the NESCAC championship.

"Going into NESCACs, our goal is to maintain all the positive energy that has permeated our season so far," she said. "I think our team has a good shot of finishing top six."

-Compiled by Emery Ahoua.