Burglars allegedly pried open the rear door of the Brunswick Variety Deli early Thursday morning, stealing cigarettes, change, and a drop safe with a combination.

The deli's owner Matt Williams discovered the burglary this morning when he arrived at the deli.

"I entered the store this morning at 4:30 and I noticed the back door was broken into. They took a crowbar to it and pried it open. They stormed into my office. They made a mess of it," he said.

Williams declined to comment on the exact contents of the safe because the investigation is still ongoing.

When pressed, he said, "They took a significant amount. They took over $2000 in cash at least."

There are no leads at this time, but Williams said, "The detective came by and they got some fingerprints. Whether they're going to be valuable or not I'm not sure."

Williams is taking every precaution following the break-in. He has added bigger bolts and says he would consider installing security cameras.

"They're very pricey so I'll see if we can come up with the money."

The Brunswick Police Department were not available for comment.