With the final polls for Bowdoin Student Government's (BSG) spring elections closing this past Sunday, the final BSG positions for the 2011-2012 academic year have been determined.

Jack Hilzinger '12 and Michael Yang '14 both won seats as at-large BSG representatives. Two weeks ago, Hilzinger and Yang were unsuccessful in their bids for executive positions on BSG—Hilzinger sought the presidency and Yang campaigned for vice president of student organizations. Chris Lord '14 ran unopposed in the race for Entertainment Board representative.

"I'm looking forward to joining the [Student Organization Oversight Committee] and doing what I wanted to do in the first place," said Yang, who credited his "avid" campaigning for vice president as the reason for his success in the second round of elections.

"It was [very] nice that people voted for me, even though I didn't have time to campaign again," he said.

Students seeking positions on the 2013 class council ran unopposed, potentially due to the high numbers of juniors studying abroad next year. Sarah Levin '13 was elected president of the Class of 2013 and Matt Frongillo '13 will serve as treasurer. Daisy Alioto '13 will serve as vice president for the fall semester and Casey Grindon '13 will take over as vice president in the spring of 2012.

Ricardo Zarate '13 and Amy Sham '13 will both serve as BSG representatives for the Class of 2013 in the fall. Neither succeeded in their bid to serve on BSG for the entire academic year, however, as Leah Greenberg '13 and Peggy Zhao '13 won the positions for the spring semester.

Incumbent Alex Tougas '14 was re-elected as president of the 2014 class council, as was Sarah Nelson '14, who will continue in her role as treasurer. Sunnie Kuna '14 edged out incumbent Amanda Zalk '14 in the race for vice president. In an uncontested election, Sam Burnim '14 and Abigail Geringer '14 were both elected as BSG representatives for the Class of 2014.

The first year class once again had the highest voter turn out, with 260 students casting votes. In comparison, 205 sophomores, 106 juniors and 51 seniors also voted in the BSG assembly elections.