Each year during Ivies, this space is used to remind our campus of the dangers that often accompany our yearly debauchery. And though the meteorological forecast may be wavering between grim and so-so, we can trust that the student body is capable of making choices that will ensure a safe time is had by all, no matter the weather.

Ivies Week is our most cherished tradition, and we should take every precaution to assure its annual return. At Tufts and Colby, long-standing traditions were recently terminated following years of reckless behavior and drinking. To prevent this from ever happening at Bowdoin, we should not forget that a few mistakes by a few people could derail or dampen the spirit of the Ivies for years to come. We ought to continue to display the relatively responsible behavior that has kept us out of trouble in recent memory.

If (and when) imbibing next week please do not throw all of your caution to the wind. We need to make sure that we all avoid beer number one-too-many.

The reason Ivies does not throw the campus into turmoil every April is because Security operates with a gentle hand. Listen to the Security officers—they are there to help. As long as we behave responsibly, Security will not be under pressure to crack down on Ivies fun, so the festivities can carry on. And that is something we can all drink to.

The editorial represents the majority view of the Bowdoin Orient’s editorial board, which comprises Nick Daniels, Piper Grosswendt, Linda Kinstler and Seth Walder.