KASA (Korean American Students Association) has organized several events in order to exhibit the diversity and vivacity of Korean culture.

Corea Night, a variety show which took place last night in Morrell Lounge, consisted of various performances that ranged from a short skit depicting Korea's creation myth to vocal performances of Korean pop songs.

"We really tried to get a diverse group of performers in order to make this a Bowdoin event, not just a KASA event," said Youngshim Hwang '13, a member of KASA.

The name "Corea Night" was derived from the common and international spelling of Korea, which is "Corea."

"We are suggesting that 'Corea' might be a more honest interpretation of the name of the country," said Hwang.

"It gives insight into how much Corea and the rest of the world has changed," she added.

Tomorrow KASA will host a dinner is at 30 College Street, beginning at 5:30 p.m.

A variety of Korean dishes will be served, such as Bulgogi, marinated barbequed beef with vegetables, and japchae, noodles stir-fried with vegetables.

To attend the event you must sign up at the information desk in Smith Union. The dinner requires a board transfer.

-Compiled by Amanda Montenegro.