Though 30 fewer students are studying abroad next year and 510 students in the Class of 2014 are rising as sophomores, Residential Life is confident housing will not be an issue in the 2011-2012 academic year.

"We have enough beds," said Interim Director of Residential Life Lisa Rendall. Rendall added that the current configuration of housing—including "forced" housing in Brunswick and Stowe Hall—would remain the same, and that more forced housing would not be added.

Rendall said it was too early to estimate how many students would be living on campus due to the large number of variables involved—such as students taking time off from the College or living off campus.

The only addition to the housing program was the addition of the School Street apartments, which will house 10 students. Rendall noted that if the group of students that was planning on living at School Street, which is currently occupied by seniors, decides to live on campus the net addition would effectively be neutralized.

Registrar Christine Cote declined to comment on this story and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Jim Higginbotham did not immediately return an email requesting comment.