While the controversy on campus surrounding "Meatless Monday" may have calmed over Spring Break, it continued to spark discussion around the country as various national news media outlets debated the February 21 event. The meal was originally organized by the Bowdoin College Democrats.

On March 11, Oberlin College's student newspaper, The Oberlin Review, published an op-ed by Sonia Wurzel titled "Stop Whining and Eat Your Goddamn Vegetables." Wurzel reflected on the event and explained the environmental and health reasons behind a diet limited in meat.

"We should all consider the implications of our country's meat intake, and perhaps consider adopting 'Meatless Mondays' at Oberlin as well," she wrote.

The Republic, a family-owned newspaper in Columbus, Ohio, reported on March 13 that PETA would honor Bowdoin Dining Service with a "Compassionate Campus" award as a result of the "Meatless Monday" event. The article explained that not only are vegan and vegetarian options becoming more of a demand on college campuses, but also that "more than 20 major universities regularly hold 'Meatless Monday' events in their cafeterias."

In addition, an article by Marcia Segelstein regarding "Meatless Monday" appeared online in World Magazine, a Christian Views publication, on March 11. In it, Segelstein questioned whether or not Catholic students at Bowdoin would be allowed to organize a "'Meatless Friday' in honor of Lent," before adding, "Somehow I doubt it."

Fox News, The Huffington Post and Inside Higher Ed all covered Bowdoin's "Meatless Monday" controversy in March.