To the Editors:

When Orient cartoons criticize or satirize campus and community organizations, they tend to be relevant and articulate, which are both important qualities for a newspaper. It is clear that a cartoon published immediately following an event (such as the Brunswick Police Department's early shutdown of Pinefest) or in response to a seasonally relevant policy (such as ResLife's restrictions on holiday lights) is a criticism of that specific event or policy and not a criticism of the organization as a whole.

Simon Bordwin's cartoon in the February 25, 2011 edition of the Orient appears to satirize a Her Campus Bowdoin article about dressing stylishly while studying that was published on October 28, 2010 titled "How to do Comfy Chic for Midterms."

If Bordwin is indeed responding to this article, we would like to point out that he is three months late. Considering the Orient's cartoons are usually well-timed, it seems out of character to satirize "old news."

However, if the cartoon was published to be a general critique of Her Campus Bowdoin rather than untimely commentary on a specific article, it seems the Orient is fishing through our archives to ultimately find an excuse to criticize our organization as a whole.


Joanna Buffum '11

Sarah Vallimarescu '12

Editors-in-Chief, Her Campus