For the first time in Bowdoin history, an entirely new class council will lead the junior class through the spring semester.

In a special election for Bowdoin Student Government (BSG), Jenessa Jules and Melanie Pinette were elected President and Treasurer, respectively, of the Class of 2012.

They will join newly appointed 2012 Vice President Emily Kim and 2012 Class Representatives Jack Hilzinger and Grace Cheung.

Though the roles of treasurer and president usually carry over from one semester to another, last-minute circumstances opened up slots for Jules and Pinette to campaign. Jules is replacing Hartley Brody, who is currently taking the semester off to intern with a software company, while Pinette will assume the position formerly held by Tobi Olasunkanmi.

Jules was elected president in a tight victory over Brian Gladstone, securing 82 votes to Gladstone's 74. In an even closer race, Pinette beat out Ryan Erskine in the race for treasurer, 79-76.

According to BSG President John Connolly, the 271 votes cast—which amounted to roughly 60 percent turnout within the Class of 2012—was a "fantastic number" for a mid-year council with nearly half the junior class abroad.

Connolly cited this challenge—unifying students who have been and currently are abroad—as one of the key roles for the junior class council.

"It's also a good time to put some planning in before senior year...[and] save some money," said Connolly.

Though Wednesday was the council's first official meeting, Jules said she would work over the next two weeks to develop plans for an active semester. Jules explained that her focus would be on improving relations with the Brunswick community, possibly with an Easter egg hunt, and making sure fun events are planned and announced in a timely manner.

"I want to put our class on the map for actually doing something philanthropic," said Jules. "Instead of sitting here and complaining, I figured I should actually get out there and voice my opinion and help people."

Jules, a first-time class council member, noted that the campaign process was "mainly digital" through Facebook. She and Pinette are close friends, and the two campaigned together, albeit unofficially.

"We didn't think we would win. Two friends running...Murphy's Law says only one of us would get elected," said Jules.

The Orient was unable to reach Pinette for comment.