The ongoing negotiations between the College and the Town of Brunswick over the sale of the Longfellow Elementary School property took a turn on Tuesday, as the Brunswick Police Station subcommittee voted 8-1 against the possibility of relocating the Brunswick Police Station into the College's McLellan Building on Union Street.

College administrators had previously proposed a swap in which the town would receive the McLellan Building in exchange for the Longfellow property. Under those original plans the town could then use the McLellan facilities for municipal offices—possibly including police offices.

Though Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer Katy Longley has called the potential exchange a "less desirable" option for the College, the rejection of McLellan as a suitable space for the new police station may alter the deal strategy for Bowdoin.

In the original proposal sent to the Town Council on November 30, 2010, the College expressed a preference to purchase the Longfellow property outright for $2 million, instead of some form of property swap.

Prior to the vote, several officials expressed concern over the potential cost of renovating McLellan into a police station.

Additionally, the stipulation that Bowdoin occupy the top floor of the building until 2014 and its proximity to private residences made locating the new station in McLellan unappealing to the subcommittee.