To the Editors:

Mr. Sheth's letter is illogical, offensive and unworthy of publication.

Bowdoin and Brunswick share a relationship, which while presently healthy, is at all times inherently symbiotic. Mr. Sheth asks, "Without Bowdoin, what is Brunswick?" This question can easily be reversed—its answer is that a Bowdoin bereft of the residents, shops and community of Brunswick would not survive.

It is important for the Orient to air minority and even controversial viewpoints when doing so legitimately adds to the discourse on a particular topic. While the perspective of the letter is Mr. Sheth's alone and not that of the vast majority of Bowdoin students, I'm afraid a Brunswick resident might believe otherwise. Since Mr. Sheth's argument is utterly frivolous, adds nothing to the dialogue on town-college relations, and unfairly casts Bowdoin and its students in an extremely poor light, the Orient would have done well not to circulate it.


R. Brendan Mooney '09

New York, NY