To the Editors:

Mr. Sheth discusses the timidity of the administration in not standing up to the community. Wake up.

Every single adult in that "timid administration" you so blithely refer to is a member of the Brunswick community. They own homes, often within walking distance of the College. They have children who attend schools in the area, and they even shop and dine in Brunswick. The next time you are in class, maybe you can ask your professor if he was the one that called in to voice his right to "an absolutely quiet night." There are occasional tensions, but Bowdoin and Brunswick will still be there when you and I are nothing but fading memories, a few scribbles in the matriculation book.

Part of attending college is growing up and learning from your experiences and mistakes. This is one of your mistakes, and I hope you learn from it. In real life there are consequences for your actions, not just an administrative slap on the wrist. The true timidity of the administration lies in its fostering a culture of entitlement that allows you to so cavalierly pen something like your letter. I do not deny you your right to draft it, but I question the thought process that made it seem like a good idea.


David Weller '08

Alexandria, VA