Achromatic combinations are in. Tones like beige, apricot and off-white might appear drab and lifeless, but a little black dress coupled with a pair of neutral-toned shoes, be they flats or heels, will never fail to make your legs look longer. A ruffled khaki-hued blouse adds a delicate, simple touch to a pair of jeans, while a crisp, white oxford and chinos make a sophisticated duo.

It's autumn, which means that according to Maine standards, chilling mid-winter temperatures are upon us. People have a tendency to lean toward dark grays, blacks, and browns in the fall.

I'll be the first to admit it, I'm guilty of reaching for the thick cable knit sweaters and Ugg boots buried underneath my bed, but we must seize these last few weeks of fashion risk-taking before we dip into frigid temperatures.

Khaki-colored overcoats are a smart and stylish option for guys and girls alike. A jacket or coat in a neutral color is a great investment because the color will never clash with anything else in your closet.

It is a preconceived notion that colors are seasonal, but I beg to differ. The material and length of an article of clothing define how appropriate it is for the weather. Fall and winter months are gloomy enough as they are; I find the necessity to subject more than half of the color spectrum into hibernation completely unfounded.

There are quite a few rumors about colors like beige, peach and champagne. My mission is to dispel these myths or provide solutions to these truths.

One: neutral tones gets dirty. Yes, it is necessary to wear them with caution. However, in doing so, you will become more conscientious of how you care for your clothes, thus minimizing the amount of spillage and stain overall.

In order to prevent any noticeable coffee stains or pasta sauce splatters, opt for patterned, textured materials.

With a neutral-toned accent like an embossed leather bag with silver studs, you're not only creating a timeless look with a modern twist, but also limiting the visibility of any scratches or stains.

For guys, the one piece of advice I can offer you is to stray from extremely light tones. For some odd reason, the closer to white your clothing is, the more likely it is that it will get soiled.

Two: neutral tones look provocative. True, if you plan on wearing skin-tight clothing. But as long as you stay away from sheer and clingy materials neutral tones are always a classy choice. Don't blame color for your fashion faux pas.

And last: neutral shades are flattering. Disclaimer: neutral leggings give off the illusion that you are au naturel. They leave no room for the imagination, making you look indecent, regardless of your full ensemble.

However, earthy-toned cargo pants are great this season because they are an easy trend to follow.

There are countless options to choose from: fitted, baggy, pocketed, tapered, the list goes on. The beauty of cargo pants is that you can dress them up or down.

Those of a darker skin tone should select shades closer to olive green or beige while those of lighter complexion will find the spectrum of apricot, champagne, and off-white to be a more suitable choice.

The varying shades of earthy tones leave ample room for expression and provide a modernized, updated palette of basic colors to work with. This canvas enables you to mix and match black and white with taupe as well as splashes of color.

Whether you start with a coat of simple nail polish or the purchase of a cross-body bag, I challenge you to remain neutral this fall.