They could have claimed it was the leisure suits, but the Jim Weeks Philharmonic won Bowdoin's Battle of the Bands without help from their wardrobe. Thanks to their funk style, great rock covers, and excellent musicianship, Jim Weeks won in the Pub last Friday, with JJ and the Fabulous Gentiles finishing second and The List Exists in third.

Jim Weeks, led by Eric Davich '06 on vocals, guitar and keyboard, with Phil Freidrich '06 on guitar, Dan Wilson '06 on drums, and Ely Delman '06 on bass, was the fourth band up. They opened with their original "Snood," which Davich wrote when he was a freshman in high school. Their 70s wear added to their jazzy-funk musical style. Also, Tauwan Patterson '06 made a guest appearance for a terrific rendition of Justin Timberlake's "Rock Your Body," to which the entire band beatboxed at the end of the song.

While the first two numbers clinched the vote, the band pulled out all the stops for its next song, a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Moby Dick," known for its difficult drum solo. Wilson handled it with ease, first tightening the snare and playing his drum set strictly with his hands, and then moving into a flurry of sticks, hands, and feet to make the crowd whistle and cheer. The band then further proved it had no problems with rock numbers, ending with a cover of Pearl Jam's "Alive." By the end of the set, it was clear who the winner was.

JJ and the Fabulous Gentiles, the second-place winner, also put up a great set as the first band of the show. Jake Brill '04 kept up the crowd energy with running conversation, introducing the other members of the band-Jim Mecone '04, Sam Terry '04, Mike LoBiondo '06, and Jonah Gabry '07. The audience was up and dancing for the cover of "Seed" by the Roots, and then the band added its own flavor with three originals, including "Gotta Go" and "Push Until It Breaks." Gabry was terrific on guitar, looking like his own version of Carlos Santana while LoBiondo's trombone added a new sound to the mix.

The List Exists, made up of Chris Lajoie '04, Matt Lajoie '05, Mirza Ramic '05, Max Lewis from Emerson College and Max Heinz from Brunswick, had a solid performance for third. The band had a very different sound than the other two winners, with a unique, Radiohead-infused blend that can be heard on their Barcelona EP. Matt used vocal effects for lead, adding another layer to the guitar-driven, ethereal sound. All their songs were originals, showing their musical talent.

The other two bands that entered, H2 and Estranger, also performed well. Two members from The List Exists did double duty, joining Estranger for its set. Overall, every band gave their best for a great competition, but Jim Weeks Philharmonic won the slot to perform at the Bear AIDS music festival this Saturday on the Quad. Who knows what Dilated Peoples will think of the leisure suits?