To the Editors:

It was a lucky twist of fate that I didn't have to work at Super Snack last Saturday. When I read the student manager report, I felt sympathy and guilt for not having been there to help. Multiple students vomiting, a transport from the dining hall, and a plethora of broken plates. Really, Bowdoin? As a student who chooses not to drink, I generally avoid making any comments regarding alcohol use because people often assume a non-drinker automatically places some sort of negative judgment on people who do drink. However, for the sake of the dining hall employees, it's time to speak up. It seems that after all this talk about what responsible drinking looks like, it's simply not being practiced. Super Snack is a fun aspect of our school, but it's a privilege. It's not fair to the people working Super Snack—they are people who deserve respect, and it seems intoxicated students forget that while they are banging on the cheese dispenser and dancing half-naked on tables. I propose Super Snack be suspended until such time that students show they appreciate these privileges and can treat the kitchen crew with respect.


Danica Loucks '13