This Saturday, 430 people will pay homage to Taryn L. King '07 at the third annual "Go Big or Go Home for TLK" benefit for the Taryn L. King Memorial Scholarship Fund.

At this $75 per ticket celebration, guests will consume 1980s hits and "Fenway Franks" at Boston's famous stadium.

King was a well-known and greatly respected student who died unexpectedly from septicemia while studying abroad at the National University of Ireland-Galway during the second semester of her junior year.

King was a psychology major, a talented pianist, a devoted volunteer, and a nationally recognized field hockey and lacrosse player.

"She was wonderful, very much a team player, outstanding work ethic, very talented, and just a joy to have on the team," said Field Hockey Head Coach Nicky Pearson. "She was loved by so many people."

The Taryn L. King scholarship fund was established in 2009 to provide financial assistance to biochemistry and chemistry students interested in pursuing medicine while balancing extracurricular activities.

All proceeds from ticket sales and the silent auction will go to the fund.

According to the event's website, the gala is semi-formal with "80s flair recommended."

Guests will be served "ballpark favorite" foods as well as complimentary beer and wine.

Racer X, the College's beloved '80s cover band, will play at the event. Assistant Professor of English Aaron Kitch will sing and play keyboard while Assistant Professor of Music Vin Shende will sing and play guitar.

King's family requested "a lot of upbeat that people will dance," said Kitch.

Racer X played a couple of shows a year during King's time at Bowdoin, according to Kitch.

There will be no specific tribute songs, but instead a high-energy collection of favorites such as "Rock the Casbah," "Don't You Want Me Baby," "Anyway You Want It" and "Dancing by Myself."

Kitch said the show would be comparable to an Ivies gig, with 40 songs in about three hours.

"It's a wonderful way to honor her. We're honored to be part of that," said Kitch. "This is the first time we've been involved, but maybe this will be the beginning of something [ongoing]."

The sold-out fundraiser will take place on the fourth floor of the State Street Pavilion, overlooking home plate. It will run from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. tomorrow.