The women's rugby team will face off against Boston University this Saturday on Pickard Rugby Field for its home opener. The Terriers are coming off a 57-0 thrashing of University of New Hampshire and should prove to be worthy opponents for the Polar Bears.

"They'll be a good all around team," said assistant coach Bob Mathews. "We played them last spring and lost a close game."

"This game gives our team a chance to step up in all areas," said head coach MaryBeth Mathews. "We are working to improve our defense, pace and attack."

The Polar Bears are coming off of a thrilling come-from-behind victory over Northeastern this past weekend. The Polar Bears overcame a nine-point deficit in the final 10 minutes to finish the game ahead 22-19.

The play of the forwards was critical in this season opener.

"The forwards as a whole really stepped up this weekend," said senior captain Loryn Fridie. "We dominated most of the game and seeing that Northeastern is known for their forwards, I think its one of the big reasons why we were able to win."

"The rucking of the forwards was impressive," added coach Bob Mathews. "I think we controlled the game in the forward. We had seen Northeastern [at the Beantown tournament] and they seemed to be forward dominant and we were able to go out and compete really well."

The implementation of this style of play is difficult due to the way that the game of rugby is played.

"You can't see who you're passing to unless you turn, look, listen," said MaryBeth Mathews. "It requires trust and support in open field play."

The Polar Bears absorbed the pressure of Northeastern in the beginning of the game and jumped out to an early 5-0 lead with a strong try by Fridie.

"She [Fridie] had a strong game carrying the ball," said MaryBeth Mathews. "She was dominant in the rucking."

The Polar Bears also scored in the first half on an impressive effort from Kenzie Novak '12 from the position of fullback. She chased down and recovered a ball kicked by Helen White '13. She then absorbed the last Terrier defender and off loaded the ball before being brought down to White for the try.

"It was a terrific rugby move for a new player," said MaryBeth Mathews.

The Polar Bears carried a 10-5 lead into the half, but the Terriers responded in the beginning of the second half with 14 unanswered points. In the final 10 minutes, Becky Stevens '11 blocked and returned a kick for a try to cut into the lead. Then, in the final moments of the game, Marketia James '12 colleceted a loose ball and dove into the endzone to put the Polar Bears ahead. Stevens sealed the deal with a conversion to end the game 22-19.

"The game was a huge confidence builder, especially since we have struggled in the past from coming back from behind," said Fridie. "We proved to ourselves that we are a really good, strong and capable of having a great season team."

The B team also emerged victorious over Northeastern with a 12-10 win. Rebecca Silva '11 and Sara Davenport '13 both scored. "B team was a lot of fun, " said MaryBeth Mathews. "There were eight new players playing in their first real game. Everyone played well."

This coming weekend also favors the Polar Bears because of the home field advantage.

"We have just about the best grassy full field in New England," added Mathews.

"We much prefer to play at home then go away, so we are looking forward to it. Not only for the fan support, but because we really appreciate the quality of our field," said Fridie. "BU, like Northeastern, will be another good team. They have strong forwards and better backs than Northeastern. But if we can play our game and bring the same intensity as last weekend, we will be fine."