I have a bone to pick with both the economy and Bowdoin right now. I am sure people can sympathize with this in many ways, but my bone is not over our endless recession or pricy tax hikes. Nor is my issue over too many dollar signs and too little dough. No, this little bone I have consists of two words: toilet paper.

With evidence of cut backs as people spend less and save more, we all realize that sacrifices of luxury items such as pricy beer and organic vegetables must be made. However, my frustration with such behavior is realized when I sit down in a stall with my Us Weekly to have a moment to myself, only to find my stress level raised exponentially due to the lack of toilet paper, an item that I have felt entitled to since birth.

I found myself in this highly unfortunate situation recently, highlighting the fact that the dragging economy is threatening my well-being. While I understand the need to save more and spend less in difficult times, I feel compelled to suggest that necessities are necessary for a reason. I can live with one less pair of shoes, but a lack of that for which there is no civilized substitute is a bit harder to get around.

So, Bowdoin College, I have a few requests. The next time I take a seat on my throne, I would like to do so comfortably with all the required supplies. When I wander into the Brunswick laundry room, as happens on numerous occasions these days, I would love to see some toilet paper in order to avoid any treacherous circumstances. Toilet paper is, unfortunately, yet to make an appearance since I've arrived on campus, causing yours truly to ungraciously "borrow" a few rolls from a first year brick or two.

The sad truth is that, on the rare occasion toilet paper does grace the laundry room with its presence, the animalistic tendencies of Bowdoin students become evident and we hoard it like we will never see it again (which at this point seems a reasonable possibility).

Unfortunate occurrences like mine are running rampant in this country's educational system. Stories of first graders having to bring their own toilet paper to school simply make me sad.

During these times of toil, I personally think that it would be prudent for us to think a little more about what needs saving and what does not. Education, food, and toilet paper all fall under my necessity column, but sadly not everyone seems to agree. We may not always appreciate it, but toilet paper is one thing that makes all our lives a little better.

I mean, really Bowdoin? How much does a cheap roll of good old toilet paper in bulk cost? I don't need the extra soft and quilted kind, I swear. I just want the simple human convenience. I admit that I might be wrong and simply ignorant of the true costs of this commodity, but I feel that as long as we are still spoiled with only $60 of printing per semester (read: sarcasm), we are entitled to some paper that can be flushed as well.

I am not just picking on Bowdoin's inability to provide toilet paper in the Brunswick laundry room, but using the example to make people aware that there are things in life that we simply must have. From education to toilet paper, we all have needs.

Sage Santangelo is a member of the Class of 2012.