The annual VAGUE dance show will take place at Pickard Theater on Wednesday May 5 at 7 p.m.

The jazz-inspired dance group will perform nine pieces choreographed by the 15 members of VAGUE.

In addition to the seven pieces that will be new to audiences, the show will feature a duet by Kathryn Savasuk '11 and Kelsey MacEachern '10, as well as Rakiya Orange's '11 independent study, both of which were performed at the dance department's spring dance show. There will also be two pieces that incorporate film projection in the background.

In previous years, the VAGUE show was performed in Smith Union and featured other Bowdoin dance groups. This year, however, the show will be devoted solely to VAGUE.

"This performance is a lot more of a cohesive work of art than usual performances, in terms of there being an overarching theme that ties through all the pieces," said co-leader Kathryn Savasuk.

The finale of the show will feature a piece in which half the members of VAGUE act as dolls and the other half as puppet masters.

"It's turning out to be really interesting," said Savasuk.

"We also have a piece with some guest stars from Dance 112," said Savasuk. "Three boys from the football team are doing some partnering work, which is going to be really fun...We are really excited to have the boys, and they are really excited too."

The VAGUE Dance Show will take place Wednesday May 5 from 7-9 p.m.

- Compiled by Elizabeth Maybank.