Though MJ's bar recently closed, fear not, Bowdoin students: there's a new bar in town.

Byrnes Irish Pub, which opened its doors on St. Patrick's Day, is ready to fill the void in Brunswick's pub scene. With its location near the College Store and Scarlet Begonia's on Station Road, Byrnes is within striking distance for the Bowdoin crowd.

Brunswick is not the first location for Byrnes; the original Byrnes Pub and Admirals Steakhouse, both in Bath, are under the same management.

Following the pub's first Senior Night for Bowdoin students, pub owner Patricia Byrnes said the event's turnout showed promise for future events.

She explained that the pub started playing music around 9:30 p.m., and students started showing up around 10 p.m.

Student response to Byrnes' first senior night was overwhelmingly positive.

"There was great live music," said Arun Makhija '10. "It was a nice change from the usual Joshua's Tuesday night."

"It's a little smaller than Joshua's, which makes it more intimate," added Palmer Higgins '10. "As long as the entire senior class doesn't show up, it's a good-sized crowd."

"We will be having senior night for the next two or three Tuesdays in May," Byrnes said. "We'll get some music going and have some fun."

Having a good, relaxed time is the philosophy of the entire Byrnes family. More laid-back than other bars that have dance floors and play fast-paced music, Byrnes emphasizes friendly conversations and light music, not to mention an extensive selection of beers.

The music in Byrnes is slightly different from the soundtrack you might find in other Brunswick watering holes. Instead of the radio hits that other bars are likely to play, Byrnes puts more of a focus on a mixture of Irish folk tunes and Boston bar classics.

In addition to the live music played on nights like Bowdoin senior night, Byrnes has plans to host some live bands in the future.

"The schedule is still being formed, but we should be booking some Irish folk bands from the area," said Byrnes.

Moreover, Byrnes' location in the Maine Street Station Complex should be especially strategic when the station opens to Amtrak trains in the near future.

With ambitions to become more than just a nighttime drinking spot, the pub has plans to open early for breakfast and for Sunday brunch.

Already, the pub offers a late-night food menu that starts at 11 p.m.

"We have double potato skins that are made according to an Irish family recipe," said Byrnes. "You won't find that anywhere else in Brunswick."

The late-night menu also offers homemade macaroni and cheese, soups, and chili.

Byrnes Irish Pub is a welcome addition to the lineup of Brunswick bars, and is a great alternative to the plethora of on-campus drinking options during Ivies weekend.

If you can't find any other reason to walk down to Byrnes, consider the fact that the Byrnes family is related to Patty Silevinac, who you may know as the friendly face at the Moulton card-swipe station.

Byrnes Irish Pub opens at 11am daily, and for those who plan on going after the sunset, last call is at midnight.

Byrnes Irish Pub

16 Station Avenue

Brunswick, ME