Bowdoin can boast the sunniest students, if not the brightest weather. According to The Daily Beast, Bowdoin students are the 10th happiest in the country.

Bowdoin fell behind six California schools and two East Coast Ivy League universities, but beat out peer schools. Middlebury placed 38th, Williams came in at 47, Colby ranked 64th and Bates was No. 76.

The list of "The 100 Happiest Colleges in America" gauged the cheer of each campus by compiling data from College Prowler and U.S. News and World Report rankings. The report equally weighed factors such as campus housing, nightlife, and average hours of sunlight per day at each school.

The Daily Beast compiled a list of "America's Most Stressful Colleges" a week before publishing its cheerier follow up. Relative stressfulness was determined by each school's cost, its competitiveness, its acceptance rate, its engineering program and the crime on campus.

On that roster, Stanford University took the number one spot out of the 50 allegedly most anxiety-inducing schools. Stanford students apparently thrive under pressure, as Stanford was also named the fourth happiest school on the subsequent list.