The Bowdoin Student Government (BSG) considered proposals to purchase food and beverages for Ivies, fund a Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day, and subsidize movie tickets for students at Regal Movie Theater in Brunswick at its Wednesday meeting. All proposals were unanimously approved.

"This might be the most money we've [ever] spent in 20 minutes" said BSG President Michael Dooley '10.

The proposal to hire a vender to distribute hot dogs and beverages by Farley Field House both the Friday and Saturday nights of Ivies, a cost of $1,000, came as a response to the difficulties encountered last year with delivering food directly to students at the Pine Stock party at Pine Street Apartments. Fighting broke out at the party when the Brunswick House of Pizza delivered 100 pizzas purchased by BSG. Many BSG members referred to the fiasco as "the Pizza Riot of 2009."

BSG members said that maintaining order will be easier if the food vender is located at a set location throughout the night. But the potential for mischief still exists.

"If they turn the [hot dog] cart over, it'll be a bad day at Bowdoin," said Dooley.

Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day is sponsored annually by BSG. The event, which will cost BSG $800, will provide breakfast food for faculty and staff members in Smith Union between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, May 6.

"They really appreciate it," said Dooley, referring to the faculty and staff members who participate. Stickers that read "I am Appreciated" will also be provided at the event.

"We would not be here without faculty and staff," said Dooley.

The proposals to subsidize movie tickets for students stipulated that BSG purchase 100 tickets from Regal Movie Theater for resale to students at the Smith Union information desk. The tickets can be used to view any movie shown at the theater and will be sold to students at a rate of $7.50 each. While purchase of the tickets will cost the BSG $750, they hope to only take a loss of $150 after revenue is gained from the sale of the tickets to the student body.

Under the agreement with the Regal Movie Theater, the tickets will not expire and tickets that are not sold by the end of the academic year will continue to be on sale at the start of the fall semester.

The election polls closed on Sunday, concluding the race for the 2010-2011 BSG executive office. The winners were:

President: John Connolly '11.

Vice President for BSG Affairs: Anirudh Sreekrishnan '12.

Vice President for Academic Affairs: Jordan Francke '13.

Vice President for Student Organizations: Amanda Nguyen '11.

Vice President for Facilities: Isa Abney '11.

Vice President for Student Affairs: Chanwoong Baek '12.

Treasurer: Kyle Dempsey '11.

Entertainment Board (E-board) representative: Jonathan Guo Sheng Song '13.