To the Editors:

Your February 26 editorial "Alcohol Action," lauded the extension of Saturday grill hours, at the behest of the Alcohol Team, as clear "action," which signals "how seriously we take" the problem of alcohol abuse.

To me, however, it signals the thorough unseriousness of this immature organization.

First, the causality is incredibly murky. How exactly will serving pizza slices for two extra hours affect people's drinking habits? Does extending the hours of an alcohol-serving institution really reduce its consumption?

More importantly, the students Delong et al. seek to influence with this measure simply do not exist. As Saturday night manager of Jack Magee's for three years, I can assure you that the weekend night clientele is incredibly sparse (maybe 20 orders from 9 p.m. to midnight) and largely sober. People quite understandably go (and drink) where the parties are. This means that the "alcohol-related problems" will likely continue unabated under the proposed regime.

The College will thus waste an estimated $10,000 a year solely to assuage tinkerers in Student Activities and on newspaper editorial boards who, Queeg-like, seek solace in activity without concern for results.


Chris Adams '09