Last weekend, the student body reached a semester milestone: we made it to Monday without a single alcohol-related hospital transport. While some mark this as an achievement, the alcohol issue is still very much a reality.

With the announcement from the Dining Service that it will extend the hours of the Grill at Jack Magee's on three weekend nights throughout the semester, it is clear that both students and administrators are invested in resolving the recent alcohol-related troubles on campus.

Certainly, allowing chicken wings to be sold until 2 a.m. isn't going to solve everything, but it's a step in the right direction. The speed with which the Alcohol Team and Dining have worked on this effort is especially commendable.

We appreciate the conversations taking place about our alcohol culture. We expect and hope they will continue. But action, action like we see here from the Dining Service, will prove to be the true measure of how seriously we take this problem.