The musical quartet In Flux will perform at 7:30 p.m. in Studzinski Hall on Friday February 26.

The group consists of mezzo soprano Rachel Calloway, violinist Noah Geller, violist Eric Nowlin and cellist Jason Calloway. All four performers are graduates of the Juilliard School in New York City.

Calloway produces her own music, maintains an active teaching studio and is a founding member of the Shir Ami ensemble.

Geller has served in concertmaster and principal positions for the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, the Juilliard Orchestra, and the Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra. He joined the first violin section of the Philadelphia Orchestra in January 2008.

Nowlin is currently serving as violist of the New Oxford String Quartet.

Calloway has performed globally in North America, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East. He is involved in a Philadelphia concert series that encourages new and experimental music and is director of Shir Ami.

Much of In Flux's Friday program is based on poetry.

"I Hear the Sound of Trees" by Kay Rhie has its origins in select texts from Walt Whitman and A.R. Ammons. "Akhmatova Songs" derives from six poems by Anna Akhmatova.

The performance also includes "That Which is Adorned," a piece of Middle Eastern influence, as well as the world premiere of "Watermelon Verses" by Carl Schimmel.