The recent snowstorms have put many people in the holiday mood, and AcaprImprov, the a cappella/Improvabilities holiday show, hopes to continue this festive spirit tonight in Pickard Theater.

All six a cappella groups will perform, with each group singing two songs. The pieces will be roughly split between holiday and non-holiday music. After the show some of the groups, including the Meddiebempsters, Ursus Versus and Bellamafia, will be selling CDs in the lobby of Pickard.

"No matter how supportive Bowdoin students are of each other, my guess is that people wouldn't come if we were truly terrible," said Nate Isaacson '10, a member of the Longfellows. "As a result, we work really hard to put on a good show and make it fun for the audience and ourselves."

Most shows may be over when the fat lady sings, but after the a cappella groups, the holiday show will continue with a performance from Bowdoin's only comedy troupe, the Improvabilities. The art of improvisation requires spontaneity and very little planning ahead of time, but the audience can expect the strong possibility of some holiday-themed skits.

"What better way to procrastinate for exams than by listening to your friends sing, watching your friends make fools of themselves and watching the Improvabilities?" said Ben Johnson '11, the stage manager of the Improvabilities.

The AcaprImprov holiday show will be held in Pickard Theater and will run from approximately 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. If one round of a capella and/or holiday spirit isn't enough, the Meddiebempsters will be performing songs from their holiday CD at The Gelato Fiasco on Sunday from 7:30 to 9 p.m.