What song, artist, or album changed your life?

KJ: Joni Mitchell's Blue; the song "California" really touches me... I mean, I read Vogue.

ST: Elliott Smith's XO, because it was the first record I bought that was made after 1979.

What's the best concert you've ever seen?

KJ: I've seen the Monkees in concert three times.

ST: This might be the result of a lack of good concerts in my life recently, but The Arcade Fire trumped anything I can think of. They covered Na?ve Melody by Talking Heads?it hit me right in the jugular.

What have you been listening to lately?

KJ: Mirah, Claudia Malibu, and Azure Ray. But more importantly, isn't anybody listening to The Microphones?

ST: Ray Charles's Modern Sounds of Country and Western, a Stax Records box set, and The Wrens' Meadowlands.

Favorite artist?

KJ: The Beatles.

ST: Savoy Truffles.

Favorite album?

KJ: You mean my favorite Michael Nesmith album? It's a draw between And The Hits Just Keep Comin'/Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash and Infinite Rider On The Big Dogma.

ST: Talking Heads' More Songs About Buildings And Food.

Favorite Beatles song?

KJ: I hate the Beatles. The only song by them is "Wild Honey Pie."

ST: I don't care if this isn't a single song; side two of Abbey Road. Who's ever listened to that broken up? I mean, together, it's maybe the greatest thing ever.

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