Many of Bowdoin's fall teams suited up for the season with new Nike uniforms as a result of a new buying agreement between Bowdoin and Nike which allows the College to buy Nike, gear at significantly discounted prices. The negotiation process between the Department of Athletics and Nike has involved Joan Benoit Samuelson '79, who has a long-standing relationship with Nike.

Associate Athletic Director Tim Ryan said, "Samuelson has been helpful in fostering a mutually beneficial agreement with Nike."

The athletic department declined to comment on Samuelson's specific role during the process.

The athletic department has not released the terms of the agreement, as per department policy. However, it insists that the arrangement with Nike is not a sponsorship, which would involve a much larger commitment from both Bowdoin and Nike.

Athletic Director Jeff Ward described the deal as simply "a really good buying agreement," which "guaranteed a level of pricing that we couldn't get anywhere else."

As a result of the agreement, Ryan said, "As a department, we have made the decision to transition many of our teams to Nike uniforms."

Of the 13 varsity sports that played in the fall, eight of the teams—volleyball, field hockey, men's and women's golf, men's and women's cross-country, and men's and women's tennis—received brand new Nike uniforms at the beginning of the fall season and are transitioning from their old uniforms.

Football, women's and men's soccer, sailing and women's rugby did not receive new Nike uniforms.

The football team wore Adidas uniforms this year that are five years old and, according to Luke Lamar '13, will transition to Nike uniforms next fall.

The women's soccer team wore jerseys made by Under Armour and the men's soccer team wore uniforms made by Adidas. According to Tim Prior '11, men's soccer will transition to Nike uniforms next season.

The sailing team received new uniforms from World Cup Supply. Women's rugby wore rugby jerseys that are manufactured by Barbarian and shorts that are made by Canterbury. The team's uniforms are three years old.

This was not the first time that Bowdoin and Nike have worked together. In October 2005, Nike honored Saumelson, the winner of the inaugural women's marathon of the 1984 Olympics, with a gift of $300,000 to fund upgrades to the track, which included a complete resurfacing, as a part of the Bowerman Track Renovation Program.

The track was rededicated to John Joseph Magee, a legendary track and field coach. As a part of the deal, Bowdoin agreed to allow the Freeport High School track team to hold practices and meets at the track when it is not in use by Bowdoin athletes.