The women's rugby team will play at home against Amherst in the tier- two playoffs this Saturday, October 24 at 1 p.m.

"We are kind of disappointed that we didn't make the [tier one] playoffs," said co-captain Hannah Larson '10. "We aren't used to being anything less than a really good team, so this is tough."

Nevertheless, the team found a silver lining.

"We probably have a better chance of playing two weekends from now than if we made the real playoffs," said Larson. "I think that we have a pretty good chance against them."

"Especially in these past two games, we have seen a lot of progress," she said. "In this last game we managed to play at our level instead of down to their level, it didn't become a messy game."

With another victory under their belt, the Polar Bears will be going into the playoffs having smashed the University of New Hampshire Wildcats 60-0 at home this past Saturday.

"It felt good to play a clean, good game and dominate," Larson said.

In the first half, strong tackling and consistent scoring led to a domination of ball time.

Uche Esonu '13, Sara Faurer '11, Dani McAvoy '13, Katie Mathews '12, Elsbeth Paige-Jeffers '10 and Becky Stevens '11 all contributed scores in the first half, with Stevens scoring twice.

Bowdoin displayed its extensive experience with precise and disciplined play.

"We kept our play up pretty high, we had possession of the ball the vast majority of the time," said Larson.

Bowdoin also managed to play more physically than its opponent, "especially going into a ruck and cleaning out, and getting our ball out to the wings," said Larson.

In the second half, scoring slowed down as Bowdoin rotated personnel. Colleen Maher '12, Stevens and Faurer all racked up more trys.

The Polar Bears' intensity and pressure kept their opponent on its toes, dashing any hopes of a UNH try.

Consistent try conversion by Stevens meant that even with multiple substitutions in the second half, Bowdoin was able to play a strong and disciplined game, which thoroughly shut down its opponents.

In the B-side game Bowdoin again played well with excellent defense and physical playing.

Helen White '13, Nicole Erkis '12 and Leah Stecher '10 played strongly on the defensive end, while Kerry Townsend '13 scored twice to lead the Polar Bears to a 10-0 shutout victory.