The women's tennis team's fall season ended last weekend with the New England Women's Intercollegiate Tennis Tournament (NEWITT).

The format of this tournament was different than that of other competitions previously played.

Each player was paired with another teammate from her school, and each played one singles match and then a doubles match.

With 24 different colleges participating in the tournament, Bowdoin sent four teams.

At the top of the bracket were senior Brett Davis and first year Nikki Kuna. The duo coasted through their first match against the No. 1 team from Tufts, beating them 2-1 to head onto the Round of 16. They were stopped by Amherst's No. 1 team, who ended up winning the tournament.

Bowdoin's No. 1 team and No. 3 seed in the championship, Chantalle Lavertu '13 and Kellen Alberston '13 had no difficulty against Amherst's No. 6 team, relentlessly beating them 3-0. In the Round of 16 they matched up against Williams's No. 4 team.

The Polar Bear duo came back from being down 7-2 in the doubles match, and took the victory winning 9-8 in a tie-breaker. The final score was 2-1.

The tandem's momentum came to a halt in the quarter finals of the tournament when they matched up against the No. 1 team from Middlebury, eventually losing in a very close match.

In her singles match, Alberstone lost 10-5 in the super tiebreaker of the third set. Lavertu finished the tournament undefeated at the number two spot.

"I played well despite the fact that I was injured," said Alberstone. "Our best match was the one against Middlebury. I competed well."

Sophomores Hannah Hoerner and Emily Lombardi won their first round against the No. 3 team from Tufts University before falling to an Amherst team in the second round. Hoerner and Lombardi were seeded No. 8 in the tournament.

One of the most outstanding performances of the Bowdoin team was led by senior Liz Pedowitz and first year Sabine Carrell.

The Polar Bear duo battled their way through their first three rounds, outplaying teams from Endicott, Springfield, and Smith College.

In the semi-finals, the Bowdoin team lost to Amherst, who ended being runner-up of the tournament.

"Overall I'm very happy with our performance. I think this is a great start since we are a young team and don't have that much experience. I'm excited for the spring season," said Alberstone.

The girls will run into a challenge right away next spring as they start their spring season playing top ranked D III teams in California.

"We are very pleased with our team. We are young, talented and motivated," Coach Hobie Holbach said. "The spring season will be the final test. We know we will hit our peak then."