After admitting the Class of 2013, the tables turned for Interim Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Scott Meiklejohn, as the College has begun its search for a permanent appointee to his position.

"I am looking for a person who can bring to the College enormously talented, diverse students from across America and the world, and who can represent the Bowdoin community...because [he or she will be] the public face of the College," said President Barry Mills.

Since former Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid William Shain left the College in June 2008, the role of interim dean has been held by Meiklejohn, previously Assistant to the President and Vice President of Institutional Planning. Meiklejohn said that he intended to apply for the permanent position.

President Mills chairs the committee comprised of faculty, students, and staff that will work to select the permanent dean of admissions. The committee will advertise the position online and conduct interviews this fall, in hopes of finding the right candidate for the job by this coming Thanksgiving.

The Boston-based firm Isaacson, Miller has signed a contract with the College to assist in recruiting candidates, conducting background checks, and checking references.

The search committee held its first meeting last week, but the candidate recruitment process has not yet begun.

When asked about his desire to apply for the permanent position, Meiklejohn said, "I'm very interested in staying in the position. I'm planning to apply and I'm hoping to get a chance to talk with [the search committee.]"

"I was coming to be interim dean, not have it be an interim year," said Meiklejohn about the 2009 admissions season.

During Meiklejohn's time as Interim Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, the admissions office instituted several notable technological improvements, including changes to its information database and the creation of a Website, which prospective students can use to schedule interviews with The college online.

Admissions statistics for the Class of 2013 were comparable to those of previous years.

When asked whether the committee would be granting Meiklejohn any special consideration for the job Mills said, "Dean Meiklejohn has done a fantastic job over the last year. He has brought a fantastic class to Bowdoin. We have navigated through the waters of a complicated financial aid year. He's a very talented guy, but we will do a national search and see who else is out there."

"[All applicants] are all on a level playing field...We are doing a genuine national search," he added.

Whether or not the search committee ultimately selects Meiklejohn for the permanent post, it is likely that he will still be acting dean for the 2010 admissions season.

"If we bring in someone from the outside I think its probably fairly likely that they would not start until [spring 2011] because they have a job to do where ever they are" said Mills.