The jewels of the Bowdoin art collection are now on public display in the Museum of Art's Shaw Rudduck Gallery as part of this semester's Art History 100 survey course. The installation is the product of the art history department's collaborative effort to curate an exhibit that truly reflects diverse cultures and periods, bringing together pieces of many mediums and origins.

The gallery contains pieces by Picasso, Battista, Manet and other artists who have been chosen to represent the depth and breadth of Bowdoin's encyclopedic collection. Of particular interest is a Renaissance piece that has only recently been attributed to Fra Angelico and showcased at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Some rare early Greek and Indian statues are also featured in the installation.

This exhibit, which brings together prehistoric, Classical, Renaissance and Modern artwork from around the world, offers a crash course in art history. The exhibit is open to the public and will be on display until December 15.