At its Wednesday night meeting, Bowdoin Student Government (BSG) debated plans for snack distribution during Ivies and a possible amendment to its constitution affecting the Campus Activities Board (CAB).

The Facilities Committee proposed a funding request for food and beverages at Ivies, asking for $2,520 to sponsor a three-hour event on the main Quad.

However, the proposal was not put to a vote, as several representatives had suggestions to change the nature of the event.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Sam Dinning '09 expressed concern that if the event was held on the main Quad, BSG would have to spend money on an advertising campaign to assure student attendance.

"If we start this before 1 [a.m.], we need to do it at Pine Street because that is where 90 percent of campus is going to be," he said.

This sparked disagreement, as some representatives felt that placing food before intoxicated students would provoke a messy experiment.

Vice President for Student Affairs Carly Berman '11 was one representative who voiced concern.

"I think if [food] is just sitting around during a party, it'll get thrown around," she said.

IHC Vice President Dan Hetherman '09 said the event could be held at Harpswell Apartments, if BSG was willing to abandon the idea of hosting it on the Quad.

"If people are suggesting having it at Pine Street, maybe [instead] we could do it at Harpswell on Friday night, near the hockey rink," he said. "It will have less logistical problems."

IHC President Lindsey Bruett '09 advocated that BSG's money be split up over two days.

"I think we should do something at Harspwell on Friday, and have 100 pizzas delivered on Saturday," she said.

A straw poll conducted at the end of the discussion showed near unanimous support for conducting two BSG-sponsored events, the first on Friday night, the second on Saturday, instead of a single event as originally suggested.

BSG President Sophia Seifert '09 assured the assembly that refreshment allocation would not get out of control.

"I talked with Randy [Nichols], and he said he would be willing to have a few security guards on hand to prevent pizza riots," she said.

The body also discussed a possible amendment to the BSG constitution which would change the way in which the CAB representative to BSG is selected.

Vice President for BSG Affairs John Connolly '11 said that the amendment was a fairly small change to the constitution.

"Currently, this position is appointed by CAB; if the amendment passes the BSG and the Student Body, then the representative will be elected by the Student Body as a whole during the spring elections," he wrote an e-mail to the Orient.