February is the toughest month of winter, offering neither the excitement of a new semester nor the anticipation of spring. This time every year, Bowdoin provides just about everything it can to cheer up students and prevent them from becoming slobbering, mindless zombies: themed dinners at Thorne, ice sculptures on the Quad, even a traveling clown troupe.

In past Februaries, we've attempted to convince readers that this dreary month comes with a silver lining. This year, however, we've changed our strategy. Instead of trying to pretend that frigid temperatures and icy paths aren't so bad. But let's be honest—winter in Maine is long and hard, and there are at least another four weeks ahead of us before you can expect much improvement.

However, since there's nothing any of us can do to make the physical aspects of winter any better, we suggest that you do whatever you can to distract yourself. Take a close look at snow crystals (every one's unique!) Throw snowballs at your friends, or even at Randy Nichols (we've tried it—he's cool with it). Drink hot chocolate in an igloo. Learn to cross-country ski. Or, if you're really having a tough week, you can even go watch a traveling clown troupe in Pickard tonight. Just remember: Spring's not right around the corner, and if you don't start fighting back soon, it will feel like a long time until April.

The editorial represents the majority view of The Bowdoin Orient's editorial board, which comprises: Nick Day, Nat Herz, Will Jacob, Mary Helen Miller, and Cati Mitchell.