Though pounding hip-hop often blasts at Bowdoin parties each weekend, occasionally these manufactured beats are replaced with live music from Bowdoin's several campus bands.

Perhaps the most well-known Bowdoin band is The Milkman's Union, which formed two and a half years ago.

Members include Henry Jamison-Root '10 on guitar and vocals, Akiva Zamcheck '11 on guitar, Sean Weathersby '10 on bass, and Peter McLaughlin '10 on drums.

The band is popular for their self-proclaimed indie rock sound, and McLaughlin cites Radiohead, Grizzly Bear, and Blonde Redhead among its many influences.

The Milkman's Union often makes on-campus appearances, and members revealed that the band is currently working to immortalize its sound with its first CD.

"We are in the process of recording our full-length debut as a band in Studzinski Recital Hall," McLaughlin said. "It should be released this spring, if not before."

One of the most regularly playing non-cover bands at Bowdoin, with four shows each semester, many members of The Milkman's Union plan to continue in their musical pursuits after graduation.

"At least three members of the band are pursuing serious careers in music, so hopefully the future holds something," McLaughlin said.

"We'll starve if we have to," he added.

An equally unique Bowdoin band is the metal group Teratoma headed up by lead singer Andrew Sudano '10.

Made up partially of Bowdoin students and Brunswick residents, Teratoma boasts Lauren Marshall '10 on the drums, Fred Cantu '12 on the guitar, and locals Jared Moreneau on guitar and Steve Frost on bass.

While broadly classified as a metal band, its members "incorporate a lot of melodic death and thrash elements, perhaps with a hint of metalcore in there as well," according to Sudano.

While they don't play on campus often, Teratoma is hoping to play a show by the end of this semester. They also plan to record an EP or demo CD next summer in Brunswick.

Although some Bowdoin students might hesitate to attend a metal show, Sudano encourages people to attend the band's performances.

"If we're playing on campus, come. I don't care if you hate metal. We've got some surprises planned for our live shows and I guarantee that you'll be entertained," he said.

Influenced by bands like Slayer, Iron Maiden, and Children of Bodom, a Teratoma show would provide a different musical experience for Bowdoin students.

While both The Milkman's Union and Teratoma play their own original music, newly formed cover band Mr. Suds offers a more recognizable set list.

Made up of lead vocalist and keyboard player Brian Wu '11, guitarists Sam Epstein '11 and Bryce Lednar '11, bassist James Carney '11, and drummer Andrew Coleman '11,

Mr. Suds is already establishing its presence on campus. Debuting at MacMillan House in October, Mr. Suds went on to play at a Halloween party at Pine Street Apartments and will perform again at Quinby House later in the semester.

Although Mr. Suds members have been content playing covers, they hope to expand and play their own material.

"We're heading in that direction", said Carney. "We hope to have one and maybe two original songs the next time we play live."

Considering the youth of the band and the number of live shows they have already played, Mr. Suds may become a staple of Bowdoin events in the coming years.

Members of the largest student band on campus, Eleven, play covers as well as original music. Seven musicans currently comprise the group: Nick Lechich '10 (percussion and vocals), Alexi Thomakos '10 (guitar and vocals), Jamie Nadeau '10 (percussion), Sammie Francis '09 (keyboard, guitar, vocals, and flute), Emily Schonberg '10 (keyboard, guitar, and vocals), Max Taylor '10 (bass and vocals), and Matt Bowers '10 (guitar).

"The band is all about high energy and spontaneous metal jams in drop D. We feed off of each others love for the music and prolonged synth intros," Thomakos said of the group's character.

"When focused, we'll prepare an upbeat set with a mix of covers and originals. We have a ridiculous amount of singers and a broad instrumental knowledge that allows us to experiment with a wide variety of tunes," he added

The group cites Dave Matthews Band, U2, Coldplay, and Joni Mitchell among its influences.

Eleven plays an average of two shows each semester, and will perform its first show this fall on Saturday at 11 p.m. at Quinby House.

The band has yet to record an album, but plans to enter the recording studio in the near future, according to Thomakos.

Although these bands have acquired varying levels of success here at Bowdoin, there is plenty of room for new upstarts and an audience to receive them, according to Sudano.

"There are a good number of people at Bowdoin who like more eclectic things," he said.